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KEHE 219446 Woody's Cook-in Sauce

KEHE 219447 Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky Sauce

KEHE 99868
Woody's Bold 'n Spicy

Grocers Supply
Woody's Cook-in Sauce 202457
Woody's Bold 'n Spicy 202437
Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky Authorized


MARKET CENTRE Woody's Cook-in Sauce 18973

MARKET CENTRE Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky Sauce 18975

UNFI 467688 Woody’s Cook-in Sauce

UNFI 920462 Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky Sauce

UNFI 85878 Woody's Bold 'n Spicy

UNFI 67698 Woody's 2 variety shipper

DPI West
Woody's Cook-in Sauce 72276

Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky Sauce 72277

DPI Rocky Mountain
2283 Woody's Sauce Cook-In

2834 Woody's Sauce Sweet 'n Smoky

DPI Mid Atlantic
Woody's Cook-in Sauce 92035001

Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky N/A

DPI MId West
Woody's Cook-in Sauce 121478

Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky N/A


C & S 33872-3 Woody's Cook-in Sauce

C & S 22874-9 Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky Sauce

Value Merchandisers

Woody's Cook-in: 0051714

Affiliated Foods
Woody's Cook-in Sauce: 57680

Affiliated Foods
Woody's Sweet 'n Smoky 57681

Woody's Foods UPC Numbers

892035 002261
892035 002001
892035 003008
Shipper UPC 8-92035-00400-5

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