Woody’s Chronological History:
The Man and the American sauce that still bears his name today.
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Revision Date: 22 March 2013

12 Jan 1907 Southwood Bell Morse born.1 Assigned SSN 497-03-9986 in Missouri.2 Woody has a twin brother, Lucius Boardman Morse, documented in later footnotes.

21 April 1910 Southwood Bell Morse is counted in the U.S Census, age 3 at 6219 Westminster Pl. St. Louis, Missouri. Father is a newspaper publisher.3

August 1910 Southwood’s first known exposure to Long Beach, CA, later to become his home and business location. (Photos 23, 24).4

1920 Southwood is living – at about 13 – at 6219 Westminster Pl. Louis Ward 28, St. Louis (Independent City), Missouri. He is with his Father Hiriam Boardman Morse (age 54), his Mother Olive Bell Morse5 (age 51), an older sister Beatrice S Morse (age 18), and a twin brother Lucius B. Morse.67

August 19, 1929 First known reference of Southwood being called “Woodie” and “Woody”. (Pictures 124 and 125). First known photograph of Ginny (Presumed to be Virginia, his wife in 1930) (Picture 118).8

1930 Southwood is 23 years old, married for one year to Virginia B. Morse, and residing at 7560 Byron Place, Central Township, St. Louis, Missouri, Clayton City, Ward 3. He is a Veteran, with no war nor expedition experience. His occupation is VP of an automobile company. No children.9

Spring 1931 Woody (as he is referred to) is photographed at a cabin. This is the last known photo of Woody in the Morse family album. (Image 154)10

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