Woody’s Chronological History:
The Man and the American sauce that still bears his name today.
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Sept. 20, 1950: S.B. Morse DBA Mrs. Chapman’s Home Foods 817 S. Mansfield Los Angeles files a Trademark for the Woody’s name for sauces. Trademark is registered June 30, 1953.22

Date Unknown: Woody’s Bar-B-Cue Pantry registered as a business location at 1355 Daisy, Long Beach, CA.23

Dec. 25, 1952 (Publication Date) Southwood B. Morse is divorced from Mildred.24

20 May 1953 Southwood Morse (Food MFG. by trade) arrives in Southampton, England aboard the Holland America ship MAASDAM, arriving from New York, NY.25 Also aboard this ship is EVA GRENAWALT.26 She is a naturalized American citizen living in Los Angeles, with the same birth date (9-1-1922) as Eva Morse, Southwood’s last wife.27

June 17, 1959 S.B. Morse DBA “Woody’s” Bar-B-Cue Pantry 1355 Daisy Ave. Long Beach, CA renews the “Woody’s” trademark, which is registered Feb. 23, 1960.28 The 1300 block of Daisy Avenue is industrial in nature, suitable for a manufacturing plant.29

October 1, 1959 Woody’s Bar-B-Cue Pantry (Entity number C038381230) and Woody’s Bar-B-Cue Mfg. Corp. (Entity number C0383813) are incorporated.31

1960 S B “Woody” Morse resides at 2125e Ocean Blvd. Long Beach. Phone: Geneva 9-006432

April 24, 1963 Woody is profiled as “Chef of the Week”. He is making sauce to cook with, sauce to serve with and flavorings for people who make their own sauces. Woody’s sauces and flavorings are sold in every state, and there are representatives in Europe, the Pacific and Far East. “Woody” Jr. is a student at USC, and his married daughter resides in San Francisco and has given him two granddaughters and a grandson. Prior to the sauce business, he had sold shoes, moved to Long Beach and sold insurance.33

August 11, 1963 Woody’s business is profiled. Sales volume is 1 million bottles per year. Woody’s sauces are with the US Armed Forces all over the world. 1355 Daisy is identified as the manufacturing plant, with George Mefford involved with it. Woody and his wife made the sauces starting 17 years previously (1946), when they were married. They lived in Beverly Hills after marrying. They had a food concession business in Hollywood during the war.34

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